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Pinn Dropp is a band that will fit very nicely on your shelf alongside not only Genesis but others like Spock’s Beard and IQ. Perfectly Flawed is anything but flawed. To my mind Pinn Dropp has not only hit all the right notes, but all the right chords as well. This is a winning modern Symphonic Prog album that I highly recommend you check out.

Pinn Dropp – „Perfectly Flawed”

It would be lazy to simply categorise Pinn Dropp in the heavy prog camp based on the recent ascendency of other Polish bands like Riverside and it wouldn’t really be correct. Perfectly Flawed better represents a modern take on melodic prog; it’s nicely produced and beautifully arranged with a good balance of instrumentation (including restrained, acoustic moments) and not only is it strong on melodies, it contains a 21 minute epic, the title track Perfectly Flawed with very prog stop/starts, shifting tempos and thematic changes.

Pinn Dropp – “Perfectly Flawed”

Monthly Prog Notes

In a different way this specific feeling nearly occurs when listening to Perfectly Flawed by Pinn Dropp. For one because of the similarities to Collage, but also for the extensive delivery of progressive rock with long outstanding epic tracks, refined fluent diversities and sparkling passages. The incorporation of a further singular perfected element embedded within the music makes my adrenaline boil and ready to set a new unbeatable record again in securing access at the front.

Odds and Ends – March 21, 2019

Pinn Dropp: Recenzja albumu “Perfectly Flawed”

The overall quality is good indeed and this album offer a lot of value for money. Neo-prog fans will find a great album here. I have some small reservations. But as a debut album, I can only applaud the band for this album.

Reviews roundup – Tora Tora vs. Glenn Shorrock vs. Pinn Dropp vs. Spencer Mackenzie vs. Jollymon vs. Pree Tone vs. Detieti

This is a worthy introductory release from a band with huge potential and who are clearly still growing and hopefully have plenty left in reserve. I shall certainly be following them with interest as they have the ability to carve a niche into the already strong pantheon of Polish rock bands.

[Review] Pinn Dropp – Perfectly Flawed


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